by Vera Peiffer


Vera Peiffer is the author of many books including those below.

Positive Thinking

Everything you have always known about Positive Thinking but were afraid to put into practice.


The best selling book on the topic deals with the ways in which we can influence our subconscious mind with affirmations and scripts to feel and perform better in life.

Vera Peiffer’s no-nonsense and thoroughly practical bestseller Positive Thinking has already helped thousands to take control of their own lives. You too can discover that there really are no limits to what you can achieve.

More Positive Thinking


How to create a better future for yourself.

A companion volume to “Positive Thinking”, this text aims to show readers how their outlook on life can be transformed by learning how to stay optimistic, despite life’s inevitable ups and downs. An essential guide to making a positive life plan, setting achievable aims and using strategies of optimism to achieve them.

Positively Fearless

Breaking free of the fears that hold you back.

Fear can have a fundamental influence on your life and can prevent you from developing your full potential. Utilizing simple yet effective techniques developed in modern psychotherapy and self-help programmes, you can come to terms with your fears – whatever they may be.



The art of being single and happy.

This practical guide shows you how to overcome the worries and fears of being single, by looking at the situation more positively – how to develop a more positive self-image, how to make friends, develop new social skills and expand your boundaries and achieve happiness.


The Complete Guide to Positive Thinking and Personal Success.

Helpful and easy to learn strategies to deal effectively with every aspect of modern life from work and health to relationships and emotional problems – this book shows you how to overcome feelings of loneliness, alienation, stress and low self-esteem and helps you create the life you want.



Practical solutions that really work.


Total Stress Relief looks at stress management as a form of personal development that helps the reader grow stronger, more competent and ultimately more confident in dealing with the ups and downs of modern life.

As stress is unavoidable, we need to learn to deal with it rather than running away from it, or turning to drugs or alcohol to cope with it. The exercises in the book are effective, simple and designed not to take up a lot of time, so that they can be easily fitted around the obligations of even the busiest day.


Positive steps to feeling complete.


Are you permanently dissatisfied with your lot?

Whether you are at the end of your tether or just persistently down-hearted, Inner Happiness shows you how to banish these feelings for good  with effective advice and easy-to-learn techniques to overcome feelings of loneliness and emptiness.




Effective Remedies and Natural Treatments for Men and Women with Alopecia Areata, Alopecia Androgenetica, Telogen Effluvium and Other Hair Loss Problems.


Vera Peiffer writes here in her capacity as fully qualified Health Kinesiologist who specialises in hair and skin problems. She often combines her health kinesiology work with psychotherapy as hair loss can sometimes be triggered by traumatic experiences and events.


The book is unique in that it shows the true underlying causes for hair loss which are often not recognised by dermatologists or trichologists. A large section of the book deals with ways of counterbalancing these causes with natural means and therapies which work WITH the body and not against it. Hair regrowth is possible, even after years of thinning hair or hair loss.

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