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The Peiffer Foundation was set up in 1994 by Vera Peiffer, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and author of many books.
The aim of The Peiffer Foundation is to teach methods which help the participants to make constructive and effective moves forward in their personal development.

The Peiffer Foundation offers a 10 part correspondence course for Positive Thinking which can lead to a qualification as a Positive Thinking counsellor. For a pdf brochure, please contact us at

The courses have been carefully structured to enable you to improve the following areas:


  • better concentration
  • staying calm under
  • pressure
  • overcoming negative
  • thinking
  • sleeping better
  • switching off worries


  • being relaxed in social situations
  • being comfortable with people in authority
  • performing better at work
  • learning to say “No”
  • overcoming fears


  • eating sensibly
  • stop smoking


  • feeling more in control of your life
  • dealing constructively with difficult people

The Positive Thinking Correspondence Course will help you make constructive and effective moves forward in your personal development. In order to ensure that you get maximum development from the course material, each unit contains exercises and tasks for you to carry out. These will not only help deepen your theoretical understanding of each unit, but they will also allow you to make faster progress with the issues you want to resolve in your life.

Der Fernkurs Positives Denken ist auch auf deutsch erhältlich. Bitte schicken Sie mir eine Mail an, um ein deutschsprachiges Kursprogramm zu erhalten.

Il corso per l’apprendimento a distanza di pensiero positivo e’ disponibile anche in lingua italiana. Visitate il nostro sito

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